Group Classes are great way for you to HAVE FUN and work with your pet around the distraction of other dogs and people.

You will learn foundation behaviors to create a platform for higher communication.  Each class is uniquely designed to develop the skills and the ability to creatively use many different types of conditioning methods, while teaching the dogs their leash manners through evolution of foundation behaviors. 

Every owner will learn to communicate team work using positive methods so the dog will understand their “job” and be eager to perform!  So you don’t have to rely on expensive treats or equipment to get the job done.    

Dog group classes

There are 5 classes that will cover, Orientation to k9 behavior (human training), equipment and training theories.
The basic commands, Controlled walk, Heel, Sit, Stay, Control Center Place, Down, and Come. How to create coping mechanisms, instill impulse control, condition responses (create good habits) AND MORE!

Beginner Group

Puppies, and beginners (both dog and human),  It is known that between 8 -18 weeks is the optimal socialization window and one of the best times for pups to learn the basics. This is the time to set the standard for the rest of the dogs life. 

You will learn basic communication and commands, stages of development, how dogs learn, setting the foundation for the core behaviors. This class also welcomes older dogs who are fearful, and newly rescued!!   This is a once a week course for 5 weeks total.

Class size is limited to 8. So sign up now and save your spot!!        

Mastering Distractions Group Class

This class is designed for dogs older than 16 weeks and older.  This Group moves beyond the basic learning to more evolved behaviors. Creative distractions will be added to proof all commands. By the end of this class you and your dog will learn to work as a team, be RELIABLE with all core commands in public situations and a few fun others!!  

Your dog will learn impulse control on leash in different types of situations with moderate to robust distractions. This is a 5 week course. 

Class size is limited to 8. So sign up now and save your spot!!

Time and When

From 7-8pm
2023 Group Class start dates:
Monday Jan 9th 7pm
Monday Feb 20th 7pm
Monday April 3rd 7pm
Monday May 15th 7pm
Monday June 26th 7pm
Monday Aug 7th 7pm
Monday Sept 18th 7pm
Monday Oct 30th 7pm

Dates are subject to change.

Beginner – 5 sessions one hr per lesson = $150
Mastering distractions – 5 sessions one hr per lesson = $199
Classes will be held once a week

(A service charge of 3% will be added to all credit card transactions)

ALL DOGS MUST BE CURRENT ON ALL VACCINATIONS (rabies, bordetella, fecal exam 6 mo, distemper, heartworm)