Though Paradigm does not promote Adverse methods of dog training, we do believe in the power of dogs learning from one another.

Traveling to Los Angeles to attend a dog behavior class put on by the “Dog Whisperer” himself Cesar Milan! (I also got to meet and snuggle with the late great DADDY!!) After the class I was also able to meet with some of his staff about the benefit of using stable/educated dogs to help rehabilitate unstable/uneducated dogs. This conversation was the inspiration for Paradigm Dog School and its Pack Rehab Program.

Using dogs to teach dogs. When I started this business it was to change peoples perception (or shift their paradigm) about dog training and how dogs learn. There’s a lot to be said for how dogs communicate with each other. If I teach one dog a skill, he/she can pass it on to the other dog faster than any human could imagine. We all know they can learn good and bad habits from their friends. I use my own personal pack of stable, well disciplined, well socialized, fun loving animals. Using pack methods of pack structure to re-establish confidence in the fearful, and to relax the aggressive… This program boasts a 99.9% success rate among our clients and their family pets.

Bob with The Animal Planets Cesar Millan and Junior.
Bob with The Animal Planets Cesar Millan and Junior


Are you looking for solutions for dog behavior issues that are starting to take over your life?

Our personal pack of dogs work to help new dogs find balance and peace again.

These great dogs have a job, they use their innate body language to teach other dogs how to “act right”.   Does your dog exhibit any of these traits?  

If so…Pack Rehab is for you and your dog!!
Dog Training

Pack Rehab is a  behavioral modification method using human leadership and direction and dog packs to rehabilitate dogs.  

This is accomplished by giving confidence back to those who exhibit fear, calmness back to those who harbor anxiety, and balance to those who lost their way. The method also teaches dog owners how to behave around their dog, to project safety, leadership, calmness, and confidence. This method stresses that the humans in the home are to be the absolute leader, working with tools that you often are already using. We will show you how to use them properly and confidently, creating and maintaining a happy balance in the home.
Pack Rehab is 5 lessons one on one, the trainer, your pet, and our stable pack of dogs.

Private training = $625
(A service charge of 3% will be added to all credit card transactions)


A note from one of our satisfied customers

I can't say enough about the great work that Bob did with our German Shepherd Dog Odin. We took him for pack rehab due to his difficult to control dog aggression. Odin returned to us a happier more well adjusted dog. When I took him for his evaluation at our local doggy daycare (we live in Pennsylvania), the examiner said that if I had not told her about his issues, she would never have guessed that he had a problem. He now goes to daycare on a regular basis and has LOTS of dog friends with never an issue. Additionally, it was obvious that Odin really liked Bob. Dogs don't lie (about the big stuff anyway), and when I saw Odin leaning against Bob's legs I knew that it had been an all round good experience for him at all levels. Please feel free to contact me at nancydotpowelatgmaildotcom if you have any questions.

Nancy McKim PowelI