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Dogs are social pack animals. There are instinctual lessons dogs can only learn from each other.

At Paradigm Dog School Doggie Daycare, we play breed specific games daily to fulfill your dog’s instinctual needs so they come home happy, balanced and tired!

Dogs are supervised together in core color groups based on size, temperament, special needs, energy level, etc. to ensure a safe and fun experience for every dog!

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All dogs should come to doggie daycare at least once a week to stay physically fit and socially balanced! 


Single Visit

$25 / a day

Half Day (5hrs or less)


5 "Pack" Visits


10 "Pack" Visits


20 "Pack" Visits


Good candidates for daycare are healthy, well-socialized dogs who really enjoy other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity. 
Doggie Daycare may be a good option for dogs who are shy, timid or need a “social tune up” or to help build confidence, but daycare is not a good fit for dogs who are aggressive in any way to other dogs or humans or dogs who are overwhelmed in a large group.  We will do a careful assessment and introduction on their first day to see if daycare is a good fit for your fur friend.

Required Vaccines

  • Rabies-1 or 3 year
  • Distemper Combo-1 or 3 year
  • Bordatella-annually
  • Heartworm test-annually for dogs over one year old regardless of whether they are on prevention or not
  • Fecal test-required every 6 months
When you make your new friend reservation, Paradigm Dog School Doggie Daycare will call your vet to confirm vaccines and let you know if you are missing something or if your tail-wagger is ready to come play!  Please do not have your vet fax records as those go to our main office in Saugatuck.
Male dogs over 6 months old must be neutered.  Female dogs in any part of their heat cycle (21 days!) may not attend daycare.
See our FAQ’s below for more info!

You will need to fill out a new friend reservation that will automatically direct you to a Pet Profile so we have all the information for a successful first day!

All dogs must come on a quick release collar! We have these collars for sale in various sizes in our lobby for $3-5. If you come without a quick release collar, one will be added to your invoice for the day!

You will be greeted by a staff member who will ask you to sign in at the check in desk; and you are encouraged to let us know if you would like a report card, or any other additional services. All new friends get a complimentary report card on their first day and a “new friend bag” with some goodies to show our appreciation for your business.

Once you have checked in, we will secure our newest friend in our introduction area, let him/her sniff around a bit and get familiar with us, before we begin the introduction to all of his/her new friends. We will introduce your fur kid to one or two dogs we know are well socialized and we will add to your fur friend’s core play group from there. Some dogs acclimate quickly and can play with all the dogs at the end of the day and some need a little more time. Do not be concerned if your tail-wagger only meets a few friends on his/her first day. It’s important the dogs be comfortable and able to meet new friends at their own pace!

We know your fur kids first day at school is a big one, so check out our Facebook Page to see “first day” pictures. We encourage you to “Like” our page as we post daily pictures and important updates.

Your first visit is FREE. Payment is expected at the time of service for future visits: We accept cash, credit or check.

Please Note: In the event of inclement weather, if West Ottawa Public Schools are closed, Doggie Daycare will be closed.

Please see our FAQ’s below for more info!

Thank you for trusting your precious fur kid with us!
Time to Play!!!

What is the price?
Only $25 per day! Best price in town!! Plus, if you buy packages you can save yourself even more money!

Do I need a reservation?
All new fur friends have a 3 visit introduction period where we get to know your fur friend and where he/she best fits into the program. During the introduction period we do ask that you sign up. After these 3 visits your fur friend will be assigned a play group based on size, temperament, and social successes. Some play groups do require a sign up due to space and staffing needs. If your fur friend is assigned a play group that requires a sign up you will be notified via email.

Are their certain hours I have to drop off or pick up?
No. You may drop off and/or pick up any time 7am-6pm.

Do you have special arrangements for early drop off or late pick up?
Yes, please contact our office for details

Will you feed my dog lunch/snacks or administer medication?
Yes! There is $1 charge for each. You may select these services on the check in sheet upon arrival. Medication must be in the original container. Please bring your dog’s own food or snacks.

Can my puppy play?
Puppies must be 6 months or older to come play at daycare.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?
Males over 6 months old must be neutered. There are rare exceptions for geriatric dogs. Females do not have to be spayed, but they can not attend daycare during any part of their heat cycle, which is 21 days!

Are certain breeds not allowed to come?
No, that is ridiculous. We do have a special temperament test for some of the stronger breeds, but all socially fit dogs are allowed to attend.

What is your bad weather policy?
If West Ottawa Public Schools are closed, doggie daycare is closed. We will post closings on our Facebook Page by 6:30 am.

There are many benefits to doggie daycare, but it’s not for every tail-wagger. Here at Paradigm Doggie Dayare, it is our policy to only allow dogs into the program who actually benefit from doggie daycare.

Doggie daycare is NOT a place to work out dog issues. As a dog parent, I know it’s very hard to hear your dog isn’t a good fit, but please understand that many awesome and amazing fur kids simply can not tolerate or adapt to being in a large pack of dogs. It is stressful for them and not fun at all. We have to be very selective about which dogs are suitable for and benefit from daycare to ensure a happy, fun and safe environment for all!

Good candidates for daycare are healthy, spayed or neutered and well-socialized dogs who really enjoy other dogs and seek interaction with them at every opportunity.

However, some dogs do better being at home alone than spending the day in the company of other dogs. If your dog has ever bitten another dog; is aggressive toward other dogs in any way (snarling, growling or snapping. leash aggression, fence aggression, mounting or bullying); is fearful, tense or anxious; or tends to avoid or just tolerate other dogs, then daycare is probably not right for him/her.

Aggression is not the only behavior we consider. Other unsuitable candidates for daycare include:

  • Unvaccinated puppies
  • Females in heat and unneutered males
  • Under-socialized dogs who haven’t had sufficient pleasant experiences with a wide variety of other dogs
    Bullies who tend to pick on other dogs
  • Extremely high energy dogs who lack good social skills and whose intensity and energy often seem to annoy or scare other dogs
  • “Fun police” dogs (often herding breeds) who run around trying to control the movements of other dogs and interfere with their playing

We will do everything in our power to set your dog up for success.
It is very difficult for our team when we have to tell our friends their beloved tail wagger is not a good fit for doggie daycare. We ask that you understand we are truly looking out for the best interest of all our fur friends and not saying in any way we don’t love your dog or they are bad in any way. We are simply taking seriously our committment and responsibility to provide a fun, safe environment for all.

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