Meet the Teachers

Exceptional Staff

We are not just any doggie daycare, we take pride in our exceptional staff, the teachers!

At Paradigm Dog School all staff members are professional dog trainers! They receive extensive vetting, and continued education to stay up to date on skillset & training knowledge.

Get to know our teachers below.

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Robert (Bob) Crough Owner, Operator, Trainer at Paradigm Dog School

Bob Crough & Emma
Bob Crough during training lesson

Bob Crough, Owner of Paradigm Dog School, has spent over 20 years training people and dogs across the country using positive, science-based methods to help increase pet freedom, and improve the dog and owner relationship.

Bob excels in all aspects of “dog!” He is the most sought-after professional dog trainer in Michigan by specializing in behavior modification, obedience, dog-on-dog aggression, fearful issues, pack rehab therapy, dogs with disabilities, and training average people to be better handlers and owners.

Over the years, Bob has grown his skillset and practiced his expertise by co-owning/managing multiple dog training businesses, dog daycares, boarding facilities, and grooming shops in West Michigan. Taking his knowledge even further, he also trains companion dogs across the United States and overseas, along with providing formalized Dog Training education to future dog trainers. Bob feels strongly that leveraging his knowledge by training future trainers is the best way to make the largest impact for canine quality of life in the future.

Paradigm Dog School is proud to have many close working relationships with rescues, shelters, and humane societies in Michigan. In Phoenix Arizona, Bob was invited to participate on a state level for the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control task force team. He also played an intricate role in shelter reform in Arizona state. He has studied Animal biology at MCC, and Grand Valley State University, also has impressively logged over 40,000 hours working with off leash domestic packs of 25-30 animals learning k9 behavior and social skills hands on.

Bob is a Certified Dog Trainer, Dog Behavior Specialist, Pack Rehabilitation Specialist, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, AKC, and serves as a Board of Director for Best Pals Animal Rescue (501c3). He has also studied K9 behavior and philosophies with many of the top professionals in the world including; Dr. Ian Dunbar, Deb Lewis, Sue Sternberg, Sue Garrett, Steve White, Teoti Anderson, Gail Fisher, Rise VanFleet, and television personalities, Victoria Stillwell, Cesar Millan, and more.

Caitlin General Manager, Puppy Preschool Lead, Rescue Trainer


Caitlin is an important asset to Paradigm Dog School. She started two years ago, and currently works as General Manager, Puppy Preschool Lead and Trainer, and volunteer Rescue Trainer. Caitlin currently holds two license certifications for Canine Body Posture and Canine Behavior through Dog Guru, Robin K Bennett’s Certified Professional Dog Training program, and is grateful to use her skillset to also work with families during group classes and in-home lessons.

Caitlin is a young adult and has always been around and involved with dogs throughout her life. Currently, Caitlin is busy with three beautiful doggy children of her own! Lola is a 130 lb. 10yr old Mastiff mix, Copper is a 4yr old German Shorthair mix, and last but not least, Frog, a 14 week old mix breed puppy.

Caitlin works as General Manager for Paradigm, and is the Lead Trainer for Paradigm’s Preschool Program. Above all, she is passionate about socializing dogs of all ages. Caitlin understands that each dog has its own personality, and finds gratification in learning all the special and unique qualities of each dog to motivate and help them learn in their own way.

Caitlin has a warm personality is commonly known as the “crazy aunt” or “treat lady” due to her outgoing and fun demeanor! She is also thankful for the opportunity to mentor under Bob Crough, Owner/Operator/Head Trainer for Paradigm. Caitlin continues to learn the ways of her career and looks forward to her bright future as a Professional Dog Trainer!

Alex Daycare, Preschool & Middle School Assistant, Group Class Trainer


Alex has been at Paradigm since December 2021, and currently works with daycare services, and all group training classes. Alex also fills in as teacher of Puppy Preschool or Middle School training classes on an as-needed basis.

Alex graduated from Michigan State (go green!) with a Bachelor’s in Psychology. She started dog-sitting for fun back in 2019, which led her to Paradigm Dog School. In April 2022, she adopted her puppy, Bennett, who loves to come to work with her and helps her teach group classes on Monday nights.

Alex is continuing to develop her canine knowledge and training expertise as an active
apprentice working under Bob Crough, Owner/ Head Trainer of Paradigm Dog School as her mentor. She is so glad to be a part of this community of wonderful dog-loving
people, and to have the opportunity to get to know each of the pup’s fun and unique personalities as they grow their doggie manners and behavior.

Rachel Daycare Preschool Assistant, Group Class Trainer, Apprentice Trainer


We would like to introduce you to Rachel! Rachel has been with Paradigm dog School since November of 2021. Rachel works with daycare services and fills in as teacher of either Puppy Preschool or Middle School as needed. She also hosts Puppy Parties out of town, provides Private Puppy Trainings, and assists with Group Trainings as an Apprentice Trainer.

Rachel grew up surrounded by all sorts of dog breeds as well as a handful of farm animals and reptiles! She currently has three cats that even sometimes act like dogs; because they’re quite the characters!

What a lot of people don’t know about Rachel is that she has been a Type One Diabetic for 20 years, and  the desire to have a service dog for herself inspired her to work with animals, and then dogs specifically. She initially learned basic dog training, in hopes that she could potentially train other dogs in the future as well. Her knowledge has drastically developed, and her dream is coming true! If asked, Rachel will say she’s learned so much over the past year or so, and continues to serve as an Apprentice Dog Trainer under Bob Crough, Paradigms Owner and Lead Trainer. Rachel says it has been amazing to get to know not only the dogs, but their owner families on a personal level, helping the dogs continually learn and grow!

Rachel tends to spend her free time out in the woods getting fresh air, hanging with her friends playing a few video games, or cozied up watching the newest horror/thriller movie.

Ellarie Middle School Trainer, Puppy Social Manager


Ellarie is a busy person who currently is a senior at GVSU! After she graduates with her Bachelor of Science in Biology this spring, plans on beginning her journey as a professional Dog Trainer for Paradigm Dog School! The past 2 years that she’s been part of the Paradigm team have been full of memories that she says she will cherish forever.  Ellarie has also completed two training certifications through Dog Guru, Robin K Bennett’s Certified Professional Dog Training program. Her certifications are in Canine Body Language & Canine Behavior.  Her focus for the future will be in puppy and in-home trainings, along with hosting puppy parties and other events. Overall, she is super excited about what the future holds for herself and Paradigm!

Ellarie’s passion for animals comes from a young age. She was raised on a farm where her family had horses, chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, barn cats, and lots of dogs! She currently has three pups of her own; Rooks, Marley, and Bruno, who she loves as if they are her own children! She’s always been a dog person, so when she was given the chance to initially work as a daycare attendant, was beyond excited! Since then, Ellarie has gotten to know and love each and every one of the dogs in our pack like they’re family, and the experience has shown her the profession she looks forward to continuing in her future!