Private In Home Training

Convenience and one on one custom attention to your specific situation and goals are the benefit to the Private In-home training.

No two private training’s are the same. In your home based on your schedule. Often there are great advantages to doing the training in the dog’s own territory.  This is where the dog is the most likely to exhibit unwanted behavior, and it is very beneficial to be able to address the issues at YOUR counter, YOUR window, YOUR front door, etc.. If you have children they also can be a part of the training. Private training will cover ALL of your dog’s behavioral issues, including door greeting, basic commands, impulse control, housebreaking issues, or what ever you want.. Private Training is specifically tailored to your situation, your family, your lifestyle, and your dog. 

In Home dog training

The Private In-home training comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the life of your dog!!

Training includes BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

You, your family, and the trainer will cover all aspects of dog behavior.  The trainer will bring you current on all scientific methods of training as well as pack theory, equipment and environment.  Creating the foundation for all  the families rules boundaries and limitations to keep a happy fulfilled pet emotionally, and physically. In this lesson, you will also learn your first behavior techniques with the proper door greeting behavior.

You and your dog will learn a reliable controlled walk (no pulling at the distance of the leash) and a reliable formal heel  (walking by your side in public like a fighter pilot and his wing man). 

You and your dog will learn a proofed Sit.  This means a sit with with distractions in a public situation on the first command.. You will also learn the same with the lay Down command..  Your dog will most importantly learn to Stay in any situation that may arise..  Most dogs can sit stay for the food bowl, but you will learn to sit/stay, down/stay, stand/stay in public no matter what the distraction that may be in front of you.

Place is a command for the dog to go a designated area and remain until released.. For example, you smash a glass in the kitchen and want your pet safe, you will give the Place command and the dog will move to its safety zone until released. This gives us a couple benefits, a safety zone for shy/timid dogs and a control center for all dogs, whether high energy or needed for safety. Great for dinner time, door greeting strangers, or any time you need the animal to be in a certain place for control.  

The Down, or lay down, is a turning point in the dog human relationship in private training. The dog and owners learn many lessons in body mechanics, conditioning, trust, and much more! 

You and your dog will learn a reliable recall.  Most dogs will come when they are called in the house but no where else.. In this class you will learn how to effectively and reliably call your dog back to you, no matter the situation..

In Home dog training
In Home dog training


Private training = $550 
(A service charge of 3% will be added to all credit card transactions)